QLD Coral Trout – Whole – Ikejime 1-1.2kg


Whole Coral Trout – Collison Reef Fish 

Premium quality, wild, hand-line caught sustainable Coral Trout from the Great Barrier Reef.

This incredible product has been recognised in the Delicious Produce Awards.

When Ben Collison goes out on the water in the Great Barrier Reef, we know that we are in for a treat!
As a Guardian Reef Fisher, Ben Collison fishes sustainably, maintaining the health of the Great Barrier Reef, while building the future of their fishery, business and the reef.
We are proud partners with Collison Reef Fish in supplying the best quality Coral Trout available to our customers.

Ben’s sustainable practices ensure the quality of the fish is maintained.

  • Caught off the Bowen Coast in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Hand-line caught
  • Kept live on board
  • Ike Jime Brain Spiked
  • Bled & Flushed
  • Chilled to 1 degree
  • Air freighted direct to Clamms
  • The fish are sold per piece
  • We weigh the fish whole and then clean the fish (scale and gut) so it’s ready to be cooked.
  • Please note that weights may vary, pricing is based on the average weight of fish in each box sent by the fisherman.
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