Flinders Island Scallops 1kg


The Flinders Island Scallop is sustainably caught in the wild waters of Eastern Bass Strait and is processed using a traditional hand processing method called Dry Shucking.  This means that they are not exposed to fresh water and do not contain any additives in the processing of this product  They are then frozen at -45oC to retain their texture and flavours.

Flinders Island Scallops are characterised by their creamy colour and delicate butter-like texture.  The aroma has a fresh salty, lightly iodine zing of the sea with light notes of clotted cream and a bright kelp finish.

On cooking, the Flinders Island Scallop retains its creamy texture whilst the flavour profile deepens. The light sweetness gives way to rich, luscious umami, which is unique to a scallop that has not been stressed in harvest and has been processed quickly.

Pack Size: 1kg pack

Product: Frozen

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