Marinara Mix Premium – 1Kg


Marinara Mix – Premium

Description: A beautiful medley of seafood perfect for any pasta dish.

– 1Kg bag
– Vac pac
– Premium Australian & Imported Seafood
– Frozen

Ingredients: Basa (Pangasius hypothalamus) (Fish) 32%, Vannamei Prawns
(litopenaeus vannamei) (Crustaceans) 16%, Chilean Mussel Meat (Mytilus platensis)
(Mollusc) 16%, Squid Rings (Todarodes Pacificus or Nototodarus Sloanii)
(Mollusc) 16%, Salmon (Salmo salar) (Fish) 12%, Chinese Roe-On Scallops
(Patinopecten yessoensis) (Mollusc) 8%, Acidity regulators (330, 333), Stabilizer (508),
Mineral salt (450, 451).

Product contains: Molluscs, Fish, and Crustaceans.
Keep frozen at or below minus 18°C, DO NOT refreeze once thawed.

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