Ocean Trout Fillet – 1.0kg – 1.5kg


Ocean Trout Fillet – 1.0g – 1.5kg

Sourced from the remote West Coast of Tasmania – where the cool wilderness waters of the Franklin-Gordon Rivers collide with the salt water of the Great Southern Ocean.

Here Peter and Una Rockliff, together with their family, have spent decades perfecting this superior tasting product.

Petuna Ocean Trout, also known as the Wagyu of the Sea. With its vibrant, intense colour, purity of flavour, and luscious marbling. It has a creamy, succulent, velvety texture.


Each fish is expertly filleted & boned for you.

  • The price is per fillet
  • 1.0kg – 1.5kg

For festive recipes, refer to the Petuna website: https://www.petuna.com.au/products/recipes

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