Premium Canadian Scallops – 1kg


Premium Canadian Scallops – 1kg

Size: 10/20 = 10/20 scallops per pound

Wild-caught in the cold, clear waters of the Canadian North Atlantic, Clearwater Sea Scallops are harvested by state-of-the-art factory vessels. Clearwater is Canada’s largest sea scallop quota holder. Vessels harvest in all kinds of weather, ensuring consistent supply 12 months of the year.

Clearwater’s Sea Scallops are shucked and dry frozen on board our factory vessels within an hour of catch, without any additives or chemicals. Freezing-at-sea is the preferred scallop processing method, with independent research showing that frozen-at-sea scallops outperform land-frozen scallops on drip loss, cooked yield, flavor, texture, appearance and shelf life.

Once landed, scallops are graded and packed at Clearwater’s Pierce Fisheries processing facility in Lockeport, Nova Scotia.

Pure: 100 percent natural, wild-caught.

No added chemicals or water: Exceptionally “dry” scallops with nothing added ensure perfect caramelization and searing every time.

MSC Certified: Sustainably harvested and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Frozen-at-sea: Frozen-at-sea within an hour of catch to lock in freshness and natural moisture for minimum shrinkage and greater cooked yield.

Superior texture, appearance and shelf life: Independent research proves that frozen-at-sea scallops outperform other frozen scallops in texture, appearance and shelf life.


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