Premium Closed (live) Oysters


Premium Closed (live) Oysters

Look no further than our premium closed (live) oysters, hand selected daily from the farm and sent straight to Clamms where we pack them in to trays for easy transport and storage.

  • Price per dozen

You will receive either Pacific or Sydney Rock Oysters, depending on what is available and the absolute best quality on the day.

Due to the flooding in NSW and the spawning of Pacific Oysters we have experienced shortages and do not know what will be available in advance of the stock arriving for Easter.

Our Pacific Oysters are sourced from Tasmania and South Australia, our oysters are hand-selected and opened to order daily to ensure that we only sell the absolute best quality oysters.

With a burst of salty ocean flavour and a sweet marine finish, these oysters are a perfect addition to any meal – and they’re great for immunity!

Our Sydney Rock Oysters are sourced form only the best farms in New South Wales, our Sydney Rock Oysters are graded at the farm with only the best sent to us. We open them daily to order to ensure that you are receiving the absolute best quality oysters available.

Sought by high-end restaurants for its sweet taste and creamy texture and grown in rivers, lakes and estuaries. They’re also great for immunity!

If you don’t already have an oyster knife, we stock beautiful crafted French Sabatier Oyster Knives.

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