Skin-Off Flathead


Flathead Fillets

Description: Our market fresh Flathead is sustainably sourced from the Southern Coast of Australia. This versatile and mild-flavoured fish forms succulent, large flakes when cooked.

Product of Australia

– 280g (2 serves)
– Australian Seafood
– Vac Pac
– Skin Off
– Boned
– Available in Kosher – please request

Ingredients: 100% Australian Wild-Caught Rockling

Shelf Life: 9 day shelf life

Store at or below 5 degrees if chilled or at -18 if frozen

Attention: Although every care has been taken to remove bones from this product, some bones may remain.

*Please note, our retail packs are only available from Monday – Friday. If you order for Saturday, you will be given loose portions/fillets at the equivalent weight.

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