Umibudo Sea Grapes – 100g


Umibudo Sea Grapes – 100g

Umibudo Sea Grapes are considered a delicacy in Japan. They are highly regarded for their succulent “bunch of grapes” appearance, refreshing taste and caviar-like pop when eaten. The grapes explode in the mouth releasing a unique flavour of the sea.

Umibudo is grown and harvested in mineral rich sea water, drawn at a depth of 612m off the coast of Japan. It is preserved in deep-sea water and is shelf stable until you use it.

To prepare: Umibudo is served uncooked. Take the umibudo out of the deep sea water and refresh it in iced water for two minutes for the berries to firm. The longer you leave it in the iced water the less salt it will have.

Serve the condiments separately, as if the condiment is poured over umibudo, it will lose the popping texture.

You can create many varieties of dishes with these beautiful sea grapes.

Store in the refrigerator on opening.

  • 100g
  • Product of Japan
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