Whole Kingfish – 3 – 4 Kg


Whole Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish – 3 – 4kg


Ocean farmed off the Eyre Peninsula. The taste of the Hiramasa Kingfish is as clean and pure as the pristine waters in which it’s raised.

Spencer Gulf is one of the cleanest bodies of water in Australia. There is nothing between the waters where the Kingfish are raised and the Antarctic, but the icy, vast expanse of the Southern Ocean.

The fish is known as ‘The Tale of Two Fish’ because there is the Kingfish in the sea; powerful and predatory. And there’s the landed Kingfish, so delicate and refined on the plate.

Each fish weighs approx. 3-4kg whole. We then scale and gut the fish for you so it’s ready for preparation in the kitchen.

  • 3-4kg fish
  • Price per fish
  • Cleaned & gutted for easy preparation

Please note, fish is weighed whole and then cleaned so weighs will vary based on the gut weight.


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